Blackstronauts LIVE!

The Black Astronauts (Blackstronauts!) have just come in contact with Charlie Murphy Matter (i.e. dark matter), corrupting their instruments and marooning them into the clutches of the solar system. They’re currently on a collision course with San Francisco, Tuesday 11/27, at Space 1582 on 1582 Folsom St. They’re asking you to please come out and see them co-headline the Negrolevity showcase hosted by Lyall Behrens. Please help, there’s little time left.

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Episode 4: ‘In Da Club’ (w/ Matt Louv)

A million disco lights across the obsidian basin of the sky, dead stars for dead nights for dead souls in far gone nightlife. Three spacemen (OJ Patterson, David Gborie, and Matt Louv) enter into a realm of exploration of which they know no expertise: “Da Club”. This is the encapsulation of wine, crime and good times.

Direct download: BlaqstronautsEp4Final_2.mp3

Episode 3: Singing (w/ Amy Miller)

In the deep recesses of the final frontier, two Astrotainers float toward the precipice of boredom and lethargy. To alleviate the hallow life of vacuum-living, they have invited friend and famed soprano, Amy Miller, to chat about Bay Area Choral Harmonies (B.A.C.H.) The result is classically a classic.

Direct download: BLAQSTRONAUT_vol_IV.mp3

Episode 2: Acting (w/ Clare O’Kane)

In the stillness of night, with luna looming, David Gborie and OJ Patterson embark on a aural expedition with actress-comedian Clare O’Kane. Instruments are pointed to Laney College in Oakland where an impending production of “Alice in Oaksterland” crests over the horizon. Also discussed: phantom sphincters, wearing pants during a natural disaster and proper Apocalypse attire.

Episode 1: Parties (w/ David Cairns)

From the Sylvan International Space Station, famed Blackstronauts David Gborie (@thegissilent) and OJ Patterson (@ojpatterson) regale a tale of supreme expedition. Joined by fellow spaceman David Cairns (@davidcarins), the two reach out past Pabst, skullduggery and gravity in this episode of the Black Astronauts (BLACKSTRONAUTS!)

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